Library News

Walk Stations for Wellbeing at Strauss Library

Be active and stay in motion while you study at one of the walk stations in Strauss Library. Instead of sitting while you work, you can set up your laptop and materials on the height-adjustable desk of a walk station. There are three stations on the first floor and two walk stations on the third floor of the library. The stations are a great way to keep active and get some exercise while you work.

Check Out VR! at Strauss Library

Strauss Health Sciences Library at Anschutz Medical Campus is launching a pilot program for Anschutz students, staff and faculty to check out a Meta Quest 2 VR headset. Two headsets will be available at launch, and they can be checked out for one week. The headsets will feature a few different VR software programs, including 3D Organon Virtual Anatomy.